The BHEJA FRY® Card Game

Why the21C games®? Creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, communication and character are key 21st century skills and it is our belief that Play can help us build these skills.

What is The Bheja Fry® card game? This mind-twister is a high adrenaline game. It brings humans across age groups together – anyone from 8 years to 88 years of age can play it. Some are using it for team bonding, some to crack up friends and family, some to kickstart a class and some for the love of learning. What will you use it for!

Your brain will be on fire within 10 min of play #guaranteed

What’s different? It brings a blend of principles of psychology, design and play to activate both the hemispheres of the brain. This is the only game out there that helps you stay relevant in the 21st century while scr3w!ng with your brain.

What’s in it? 5 card sets for now with rules you can break.. or not! 😉

Emojis, Slangs, Numbers, Fruits ‘n Veggies, Big ‘n Small with Wild Cards & more. A few sample cards from different sets have been provided below.

Play at the risk of getting comfortable with failure! #failfasttosucceedsooner

Request for a trial pack here to know how to play it!